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Agence A is involved in all stages of the project: design, manufacturing, assembly. Our thorough involvement ensures that we achieve the best quality and results

Advice, ethics and research

  • Agence A listens carefully to each client and makes thorough analysis of their needs. A pragmatic approach that takes into account your budget, your brand, your history, your market, and the nature of the event. We optimize the value proposition of your project and deliver a customized turn-key product.

Imagination and ambiance

  • Whether the exhibit is 10 or 4000 m2, Agence A uses its utmost creative ingenuity so that each project is unique, exceptional, and outstanding. After sketching, drawing up plans, initial renderings, specifications and choice of materials, the project is staged and modeled in 3D for ultra-realistic rendering. This static or animated presentation allows mock ups to be made for assessing appropriate space, and selecting volumes, materials, and lighting.

Manufacturing and fabrication

  • A project manager coordinates all operations from concept to implementation to ensure the project is cost-effective, meets timeline and is compliant with appropriate regulations. Manufacturing, machining, assembly, and finishing is provided by Acta furniture factory (150 employees) equipped with the most efficient tools capable of working with a wide range of materials at different scales. We are also able to manage all the logistics related to the installation of your exhibit.